Vendfun Launches Self-Ordering Kiosk for F&B Outlets

Signs MoU with Dolce Mart PLT to help F&B outlets automate front end service operations

Vendfun Launches Self-Ordering Kiosk for F&B Outlets
Benny Wee, founder and CEO of Vendfun during FIM2022 in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – 12 September 2022 -- Vendfun today launched F&B Kiosk, a self-ordering system for restaurants, cafeterias, and food courts. The F&B Kiosk which features a point-of-sale software, supports drive-in ordering, QR table ordering, and dine-in ordering. Vendfun also announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dolce Mart PLT from Malacca.

In this partnership, Dolce Mart is responsible for training Vendfun customers on how to automate front end operations using Vendfun F&B Kiosk and its managed restaurants are also allowed to use Vendfun F&B Kiosk for the same mission.

The launch event and the MoU signing ceremony were held on 9 September, during the 29th International Franchise Exhibition and Conference (FIM2022) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

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Vendfun F&B Kiosk was introduced to help business owners to manage outlets more efficiently using automation. Meanwhile, it makes it simple for customers to access a digital menu, personally customize orders and make secure payments directly into the system – all contactless.

Benny Wee, founder and CEO of Vendfun said, “F&B outlets trying to get back up after severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic are facing all kinds of problems. One of the biggest struggles many of them face now is that they have a difficulty to hire full-time front end workers.

Vendfun Help Ease Burdens

Vendfun F&B Kiosk can help ease these burdens and more, using automated solutions. Also, we are excited to partner with Dolce Mart to help us expand use of automation among local F&B operators.”

Previously, Vendfun has successfully conducted a trial of its F&B Kiosk at Cengkerang Seafood Jumble Restaurant operated by Dolce Mart. The Restaurant which used to rely on 15 frontend staff was able to run smoothly even with only five staff after they installed three of Vendfun self-ordering kiosks.

Noor Alisa Ann Md Samian, CEO of Dolce Mart

Noor Alisa Ann Md Samian, CEO of Dolce Mart says, “We are excited to work with Vendfun for the F&B market. Being a restaurant operator, we understand the pain points of restaurant owners with current severe manpower issues and common human errors to key in wrong order items.

“Vendfun solution can automate our front end operations with minimal error and ease. Vendfun’s drive-in and QR table ordering systems help to enhance our customer experience. We look forward to helping F&B outlets to fully optimize use of their self-ordering kiosks using Vendfun solutions.”

Vendfun F&B Kiosk is offered on a rent-to-own basis where clients will own the kiosks after 24 months. In addition to Vendfun self-ordering kiosks the Company also offers delivery robots developed by third-party vendors that currently supply to over 50 countries.

Vendfun is on a mission to provide better customer experience in the hospitality industry through automation. The Company launched hybrid kiosks for self-check-in and check-out for hotels last year. It is also interested in bringing automation to the ticketing segment in the future.