Trigometric Launches NumisArt, A New NFT Trading Platform

Malaysia’s largest collectible auctioneer leverages on blockchain technology to add a new dimension to numismatic collecting and trading

Trigometric Launches NumisArt, A New NFT Trading Platform
(L) NumisArt co-founders Jerhern KOK_Hann BOOM_Leon YANG

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - - 13 September 2022 - Trigometric, the largest collectible auctioneer in Malaysia, yesterday announced the launch of NumisArt, the world's first and largest numismatic NFT trading platform at the 9th Kuala Lumpur International Numismatic Fair.

This is a move intended to double the Company's foothold in the ever-growing global numismatic market.

NumisArt was created with the aim to modernise the delivery and infrastructure, allowing collectors to break through the limitations of conventional collecting and trading by minting their valuable collectibles into NFTs to preserve them with enhanced value and create a sustainable source of income, says the company in a media release.

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Founded in 2002, Trigometric has established its credibility and leadership position in the Malaysian and regional market with extensive experience in organising as well as participating in many international exhibitions and auctions.

NumisArt For Collectors

Hann Boom, co-founder of NumisArt explained: "The creation of NumisArt allows collectors to show the world their numismatic collections, while expanding their collection to wider audience which will provide them with better trading opportunities.

Creators can also earn a royalty fee for each NFT transaction thus create a life-long sustainable income stream as long as the banknote keeps changing hands.

"Through NumisArt, Malaysians can play a leading role in actively promoting the numismatic collecting and culture to the world. I hope it will open doors for younger generation to appreciate the appeal of numismatic and join us in preserving this distinctive cultural heritage," he says.

Boom, who is also the director of Trigometric added: "Old banknotes and NFTs are a match made in heaven. It is the perfect fit between physical and virtual. Each banknote has its own serial number, so there will never be two identical banknotes in the world. The same is true for NFTs, as each one is unique and irreplaceable. As a result, numismatics is the best candidate for NFTs"