TMT And HP Brings You A Hybrid Shopping Experience

TMT and HP established a strong partnership decades ago. TMT has been working towards driving people closer to technology with a vision to build a connection between Malaysians and technological advancement.

TMT And HP Brings You A Hybrid Shopping Experience

Shopping for an IT product is entirely different from other retail items. Consumers have to think long and hard and consider their budget, the price of the product as well as their perceived worthiness based on their personal needs to make a choice. Each person/organisation will have entirely different needs and budgets, says Eric Chan, Thunder Match Technology (TMT).

Although it is highly convenient for consumers to shop online for their devices, they are less likely to rely fully on online reviews.

On the contrary, they would prefer testing out the devices themselves. This omnichannel experience enables consumers across the region to feel the same level of care and support from HP, no matter how they choose to engage with us, he says.

"This is an important milestone in both TMT and HP’s journey to make modern commerce hyper-personal and seamless. The HP Experience Hub is the culmination of our belief in putting the customer first.

"At the Experience Hub, consumers can learn more about the wide range of HP technologies devices through engaging VR games, digital interactions, or having a go at our immersive go-kart gaming section."

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What are the expectations of the current IT consumer?

Eric Chan:

With the current hybrid work model and culture, we tend to use our devices for longer hours compared to before. Schools and higher institutions encourage students to do more curricular assignments and even classes virtually, requiring much more durable devices for heavy usage. Thus, consumers expect a more personalised service experience. They would need expert advice or intel for them to make the right purchasing decision and oftentimes when they don’t receive credible advice, they would regret their decisions later on.

SEA, as a whole, is truly a dynamic region. Digital retail in SEA grew 85% year-on-year and the region is on track to see almost 80% of consumers go digital by the end of 2021. This is higher than China and India – according to research by Facebook and Bain & Company. Millennials and Gen-Z are projected to make up 75% of ASEAN consumers by 2030, according to WEF.

That is why we chose this region and Malaysia to explore innovative new experiences to an audience that is open to exploring new ideas.

Besides having durable and reliable devices, IT consumers expect much more secure devices. With the pandemic, a majority of our consumers have shifted to doing their everyday tasks online, and cyber threats are one of their key concerns.

Hybrid workers often execute their work on unsecured networks, exposing your data to cyber-attacks. That’s where we pride ourselves in HP as having the world’s most secure PC. For example, HP Sure Click opens untrusted websites and files them into their isolated virtual containers. If there is malicious code present, it traps the virus in a contained environment. Every HP device is ready to hold its own against attacks with a strong network defence – particularly for the HP ProBook and Elitebook series.

How is the market evolving in terms of retail versus the e-tail demand

In the past two years, we have seen a seismic shift in the way consumers in Southeast Asia purchase technology. We had to stop going into stores and instead relied heavily on online purchasing to ensure we had the right technology to support us when working from home. Online purchasing came with many benefits, not least the tailored shopping experience that has become commonplace.

How has TMT’s collaboration with HP driven its ability to fulfil its vision as a leader in the industry?

TMT and HP established a strong partnership decades ago. TMT has been working towards driving people closer to technology with a vision to build a connection between Malaysians and technological advancement. Over the past 25 years, TMT has been driving consumer tech through retail and online across the nation. A large part of TMT success in leading the tech retail industry is down to the long and successful partnership with HP.

How is TMT adapting to the Online 2 Offline needs of the consumers

With customers today moving dynamically from online to offline and back at any point in the commerce journey, TMT desires to offer a complete experience across all points across digital and physical channels – to suit each individual customer. As the largest Tech Retailer chain stores across Malaysia, TMT also markets its products in their website, as well as selling across online marketplaces. TMT is constantly improvising the consumer omni-channel journey to provide customers best retail and e-tail experience.

This is just the start – we are on a continuous mission to deliver omnichannel commerce to better serve our customers.

HP has always been a top performer in the Malaysian marketplace. In many ways, we pride ourselves at HP as a trailblazer in reinventing the customers experience and partners engagement within the marketplace.

As the world moves towards a permanent state of hybrid work and commerce, for HP and TMT, we know that we must provide customers with the confidence and trust not only in our products, but in our brand and in the purchase experience.

The HP Experience Hub provides customers with the peace of mind that they have all of the information and advice they need to make purchasing decisions that are truly right for them.

What is the purpose of the HP Experience Hub?

As we look towards the next phase of the pandemic, we must recognize that retail has fundamentally changed forever. The tailored shopping experience we expect online is now an expectation offline as well.

That is why we set up the HP Experience Hub, HP’s first ever online-to-offline (O2O) experiential retail shopping experience in SE Asia.

The HP Experience Hub brings the offline and online experience together, through a flagship store right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By bringing together the offline and online experience, the HP Experience Hub provides an immersive, engaging experience

What is TMT’s role in establishing the only HP Experience Hub in Southeast Asia?

With the strong retail operation experience and long track record of delivering best retail experience, TMT is the best partner to operate HP Experience Hub. TMT and HP work closely together to create an immersive consumer experience and bring technology to consumers. TMT aims to deliver the hyper-personalised service experience to meet customers' technology needs.

How does the launch of this HP Experience Hub Align with TMT’s goals?

The goal is to ultimately drive customers to not just buy more technology, but through greater engagement we aim to make sure they buy the right technology.

This collaborative venture with HP is designed to offer Malaysians a unique retail experience that is comprehensive and immersive, all with the intention of empowering the ICT and consumer tech industry further.