Surging Demand for Content Creation Technology on the Horizon

The study also found that consumers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines turn to social media platforms for product research, with Philippines taking the lead with the largest number of creators and Malaysia for content creation technology ownership.

Surging Demand for Content Creation Technology on the Horizon
Chief Operating Officer of Milieu Insight, Stephen Tracy - Pix Internet

Logitech, in collaboration with consumer research firm Milieu Insight, has released a study on content creation technology and podcast consumption factors.

The survey reveals that Malaysia has the highest ownership rate of audio and video content creation technology at 65%, followed by the Philippines at 59% and Singapore at 49%.

In Singapore, 49% of respondents expressed interest in purchasing audio and video technology, compared to 74% and 79% in Malaysia and the Philippines, respectively. YouTube (83%) and Facebook (65%) are the preferred platforms for those looking to learn more about audio and video technology, regardless of country.

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The study also found that 13% of respondents in all three countries were audio or video content creators, with Malaysia holding the largest market share at 17%.

Increased access to advanced technological tools has contributed to the growth of the content creator industry, which continues to expand due to its lucrative potential. As a result, demand for audio and video technology is expected to continue rising, enabling creators to produce professional quality content with ease.

Logitech’s Head of Cluster for Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, Bernard Chow, stated that the company aims to continuously innovate and empower both beginner and advanced creators to pursue their passions.

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer of Milieu Insight, Stephen Tracy, highlighted the significant growth potential of Southeast Asia's content creator economy. With 65% of consumers surveyed likely to purchase audio or video products in the future, Tracy stated that the future of content creation looks bright for Southeast Asia.

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