SMEs Re-Set To Do More For Less in 2023

Businesses must adopt a new way of work be it the offer of a hybrid or totally remote workplace, increased digitalisation and automation, cloud-based access, or off-site cybersecurity

SMEs Re-Set To Do More For Less in 2023

Adapt and thrive or resist and desist – this is the Hobson’s choice facing businesses today. Businesses need to re-set and transform to do more with less in an increasingly seamless borderless world.

SRKK Group, a leading end-to-end digital transformation consulting firm in Malaysia and Singapore, together with its distribution arm Integricity Technology, are spearheading this transformation process particularly for SMEs in Southeast Asia with TRANSFORM 2023 that will focus on “Business Without Boundaries”

Coming hot on the heels of the success of last year’s trailblazing fully virtual digital transformation conference TRANSFORM 2022 amid Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s meeting of minds of technology giants will zoom in on how businesses can be empowered to progress and stay progressive beyond physical borders.

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SRKK Group Chief Executive Officer Yew Lip Sin says the new normal for businesses heading into 2023 is a new way of work in which technology will be essential for businesses to do more with less from a distance.

“The technology pivot is crucial. Businesses must come up with innovative solutions to address workplace and marketplace challenges.  Businesses must adopt a new way of work be it the offer of a hybrid or totally remote workplace, increased digitalisation and automation, cloud-based access, or off-site cybersecurity.”

Yew adds: “In working with our clients, particularly SMEs, prioritising investment is always an area of debate.  Looking at the long term, investment in technology and automation allows SMEs to progress and stay progressive as they continue their digital transformation journey.  Such investment is critical to build and sustain a business without boundaries.”

The Re-Set for SMEs

Integricity Technology Chief Executive Officer Alex Lam said:” While hybrid and/or remote working arrangements offer flexibility to attract A-players to the team, this must be supported by robust and appropriate technologies.

“The implementation of high-performing technology that saves hours of work on repetitive tasks is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in order to stay ahead of the competition. Investments in the right solutions can be cost-saving and increase output.”

With a mission for helping businesses achieve full business potential, the 25-year-old SRKK Group and Integricity Technology, are initiating the one-day “TRANSFORM 2023: Business Without Boundaries” digital transformation conference on Thursday, 27 October 2022, at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

Supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Malaysian Institute of Management, TRANSFORM 2023 will highlight how technology can be leveraged to create a business without boundaries. It will feature keynote speakers and panellists from different technology giants including Lenovo, Fortinet, Intel, Microsoft, and Kaseya.

Among the topics are: The Future of Work (Hybrid Workplace), Eliminate Manual, Go Digital (Automation), Secure Your Business (Cybersecurity), Gain the higher ground with Cloud & Data (Cloud & Data).

“SRKK is one of MDEC’s longest and most important partners. With 25 years of experience in digital transformation, SRKK’s longstanding mission to help Malaysian SMEs invest in technology and embrace digitalisation is very much aligned to the goals of MDEC and Malaysia Digital, the national strategic initiative to drive digital adoption and elevate Malaysians into key players of the global digital revolution,” said Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC.

Interested participants can register for the forum at Ticket2u. Registration price is RM299 per participant. Enjoy 50% off with promo code: DEALT2023 Closing date is 21 October 2022.