Selangor's S-BIOCO To Focus On Biotechnology

Selangor's S-BIOCO To Focus On Biotechnology
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

S-BIOCO established to strengthen the industry's ecosystem in Selangor

Invest Selangor Berhad today, announced its new division, Selangor Biotechnology Coordination Office (S-BIOCO) following the launch of the Selangor Biotechnology Action Plan 2021-2030 (SBAP 2021 - 2030) during Selangor International Business Summit 2021, last year.

The establishment was made official after the Selangor Bio Council meeting chaired by Dato' Teng Chang Khim, Exco for Industry and Trade today.

The SBAP encapsulates Selangor's strength and its aspiration with the vision to make Selangor as the regional biotechnology hub for innovation, technology dissemination, investment and human capital development.

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In order to realize this vision, the SBAP has identified 5 strategic thrusts which are:

Thrust 1: Effective governance and leadership
Thrust 2: Enabling business and R&D Infrastructure
Thrust 3: Sustainable investment and funding
Thrust 4: Talent enhancement and professional
Thrust 5: Biotechnology sector development

Selangor Bio Council

Previously, the State Government agreed to form Selangor Bio Council to advise and facilitate the development of Selangor Biotechnology Sector. It consists of representatives from both federal and state government, universities and others within the Biotechnology sector.

The establishment of S-BlOCO is also to strengthen Selangor as the leading investment and trading destination for the biotechnology industry as well as to attract more foreign investors. S-BlOCO will also act as an implementer of SBAP.

S-BIOCO is also involved with the promotion of Selangor as the preferred investment destination for Biotechnology as well as driving the implementation some of the initiatives:

i.        U-I-G Focus Group
ii.       Soft Landing Centre

U-I-G Focus Group will be formed to allow periodical meetings and discussions to be conducted with the aim to bridge the gap between Universities, Industry player, and the Government. In due course, a Soft Landing Centre will also be established to serve as a vibrant center to facilitate new and potential stakeholders interested in making their first contact with local clients.

S-BIOCO is primarily responsible for developing Selangor’s biotechnology sector through the facilitation and implementation of investments into the sector’s various industries in tandem with the Selangor Biotechnology Action Plan.

S-BIOCO offers a timely assistance to the industry players as to manage and coordinate the various arising issues and challenges. Simultaneously, investment opportunities and networking can be explored and channeled appropriately to strengthen the industry's eco-system in Selangor.