RHB Bank's "Go Cashless" Taking Roots In Sarawak

Through this campaign, members of the local Bario community will benefit from convenient access to banking solutions

RHB Bank's "Go Cashless" Taking Roots In Sarawak

Kuala LumpurRHB Banking Group has partnered with Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd to further accelerate the delivery of financial services to underserved communities, through the nationwide “Go Cashless” initiative.

The “Marih Go Cashless in Bario” campaign marks the first of a series of Go Cashless campaigns that focus on digital payment adoption to drive greater financial accessibility in rural communities.

Through this campaign, members of the local Bario community will benefit from convenient access to banking solutions such as account opening, DuitNow services and MyDebit transactions.

“The ‘Marih Go Cashless’ campaign allows RHB together with PayNet, to promote adoption of digital solutions within the Bario community in support of the financial inclusion efforts by the Sarawak Government.

“This accelerates local economic activity while providing local residents the convenience of contactless payment solutions, and energises businesses through the use of RHB’s integrated transaction management system,” says Mohd Rashid Mohamad, Group Managing Director/Group Chief Executive Officer of RHB Banking Group.

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Go Cashless with DuitNow

Various activities have been planned together with local Bario village leaders to educate local merchants and individuals on how they can benefit from digital payment adoption.

Leading up to the upcoming cashless Bario bazaar in end-September, we target to equip 200 local merchants and also provide local residents with DuitNow services and MyDebit transactions.

“Marih Go Cashless in Bario, as well as RHB’s Mobile Automated Teller Machine (“RHB Mobile ATM”) service that extends basic banking services to the underserved communities in Oya, Igan, Balingian,  Asajaya and Sadong Jaya are an extension of RHB’s continued efforts in driving greater financial accessibility and inclusion to underserved communities in line with the Group’s Sustainability strategy,” says Mohd Rashid.

PayNet’s ‘Cashless Kampung’ Project

He adds that PayNet’s ‘Cashless Kampung’ project, designed to extend the benefits of digital payments in underserved areas, made progress. This is the third launch since this Campaign started in June 2022, and our first launch in East Malaysia.

Unlike previous collaborations which involved non-urban areas in Peninsula Malaysia where digital infrastructure is readily available, Bario is in the remote highlands of Sarawak with limited connectivity.

PayNet solutions like MyDebit and DuitNow will now connect Bario’s farming community and small businesses to the broader Malaysia digital ecosystem and simplify commerce in the area,” says Farhan Ahmad, Group Chief Executive Officer of PayNet

“We are excited to partner with RHB in rolling out this campaign in Bario and other remote areas with similar circumstances so that we can continue to play our part in expanding financial access to the entire country,” Farhan Ahmad says.