UK: The Race For A Better Economic Plan Or Better PM

Sunak will need a massive master plan to save the Conservative Party from itself and this may help him fix the economy but who can Sunak trust in the party to help him in this endeavour?

UK: The Race For A Better Economic Plan Or Better PM

The United Kingdom is in a deep political turmoil and so is the ruling Conservative party but while the focus is on who will be the next PM, the real issue is whether the UK will get a better economic deal!

When the Conservative party decided to pass the baton of leadership to Liz Truss, there was no doubt the latter will not last long on the job.

There was also thoughts that the UK will soon fall into another leadership battle that will cause more harm to the economy which needs healing.

Chosing Liz Truss over Rishi Sunak two months ago did not help the economy nor did it help resolve the long-standing political crisis since the snap-polls called by Boris Johnson on December 2019, almost three years ago.

But will the election of Sunak as the next British PM solve both the critical issues? There is still doubts whether Sunak will be able to unite the party and the country.

But there is the possibility that Sunak will bring more sense to the economy, not only because he was the Minister of Finance under Boris Johnson who just pulled out of the leadership race against Sunak, but also because he might know what has to be done to save the UK's economy from rotting.

Fix The Economy

He made it clear that his mission is to fix the UK's economy. “I want to fix our economy, unite our party and deliver for our country,” Sunak said in a tweet on Sunday.

We know that uniting the Conservatives will be the most difficult political taks for Sunak. Truss fell after she fired her Finance Minsiter Kwasi Kwarteng, then made a U-turn in her economic policies.

Truss scrapped the pledge to reverse predecessor Boris Johnson’s hike of corporation tax from 19% to 25%, a decision estimated to restore around £18 billion ($20.1 billion) to the U.K. Treasury’s coffers by 2026.

And Kwarteng was fired after less than six weeks in the job. The political pressure and market chaos was too strong for Truss to keep the embattled Finance Minister.

To fix the economy, Sunak has to be a better PM than Johnson and Truss. The problem in the economic and political equation is that both are broken and the incoming PM will inherit the chaotic political legacy of former PM Teresa May, Johnson and Truss.

On top of that, Sunak will also inherit the broken economy that needs immediate plans to fix it and get Britain to move out of the post-covid economic turmoil.

The Conservative Party

The problem is with the Conservative Party. it is unable to unite on economic policies and on the post-Covid priorities.

The situation is such that one is tempted to believe that the powerful party will not fix the problems in the long run, preferring instead a quick fix that will cause more problems.

Is it deliberate? Perhaps it is. The UK is still in search of a direction after Brexit and the COVID-19.

With the Conservatives in power, it is the party that is deciding on the future of the UK after these two major crises that has hit the once stable economy.

Sunak has to fix the Conservative party first but he does not have time to focus on the party, unless he appoints someone who will assist him in getting rid of the party's apathy and lack of political direction.

The person appointed to fix the conservative party will also need to help Sunak in uniting the party behind him. This will help Sunak work on fixing the economy, but to achieve that he needs a powerful Minister of Finance.

But to be frank, betrayal has been the big game within the Conservatives,

Sunak himself is accused of betraying Boris who betrayed Teresa May and David Cameron. May apparently danced at the news of Boris's downfall and this tells you a lot about the 'unity' within the party.