PropertyGuru's New Brand Proposition with ‘Guidance’ at its Core

The new brand positioning aims to establish PropertyGuru as a trusted advisor that delivers beyond ‘property search’, and provides guidance to everyone in the real estate ecosystem – seekers, sellers, agents, and developers

PropertyGuru's New Brand Proposition with ‘Guidance’ at its Core
Photo by Ryan Lau / Unsplash

PropertyGuru Group Limited (NYSE: PGRU), a property technology company, last week announced its brand repositioning that is centered around guidance to everyone in the property journey – including property seekers, sellers, agents, developers, banks, valuers, and city planners.

The new brand positioning – “Where every step of your journey will be guided by Guru”, reflects PropertyGuru’s vision to be a trusted advisor.

It echoes the Group’s mission to help property seekers, sellers and owners make confident property decisions, beyond ‘property search’– as it journeys towards becoming Southeast Asia’s property ‘Trust Platform’.

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The Group today introduced a new enterprise brand, ‘PropertyGuru For Business’ as it doubles down on innovative solutions that will guide its property enterprise partners to achieve their business goals. PropertyGuru For Business unifies PropertyGuru’s business-to-business (B2B) offerings and is designed to guide enterprise clients such as property developers, agencies, banks, valuers, and policy/city planners.

Including proprietary solutions such as PropertyGuru Finance, DataSense, ValueNet, FastKey and event solutions, PropertyGuru For Business will deliver synergies by leveraging data and technology, to help all enterprise clients tap into new growth opportunities and optimise efficiency.

The New Branding Core

Announcing the brand repositioning, Hari V. Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, PropertyGuru Group, says, “As Southeast Asia’s market leader, the Group is acting upon the responsibility of helping everyone in their property journey make more confident decisions.

“We will be the infrastructure through which anyone seeking or selling property can make confident property decisions because every interaction is upheld by principles that create trust between users. That infrastructure is the ‘Property Trust Platform’. We are introducing data solutions that bring transparency, use our innovations in technology to deliver efficiency and digitise property buying and selling, as we guide all our stakeholders on their property journey.

As we move beyond ‘property search’ and offer more end-to-end solutions, we will continue to deepen our investments in home finance, data, operating systems, and more – enabling every stakeholder with the right information and tools to make high-stakes decisions confidently.”

Data-driven Insights

Sheldon Fernandez, Country Manager, PropertyGuru Malaysia ( and, shared, “Growth is in our DNA, and the ‘Property Trust Platform’ that we are building aims to solidify PropertyGuru’s vision to guide our users, no matter where they are in their property journey. By delivering relevant content through our data-driven insights platform, we strive to better understand our consumers’ needs to fulfil our mission to help consumers make confident property decisions.”

“In Malaysia, PropertyGuru and iProperty are two very strong brands and are complementary in aspects such as audiences and geography. The new brand-positioning underpins the guidance that these two brands bring for all Malaysians who are in the process of seeking or selling property.”

Remona Duquesne, Director of Brand, PropertyGuru Group, says, “Our brand repositioning reflects a strategic pivot into the Group’s new phase of growth outlining our value proposition that the Group offers, beyond search. We want to be right there at every step of the property journey, providing guidance in a market that is filled with complexity, mistrust, and anxiety. We will be that guide.

New Narrative

The brand repositioning sees a new narrative that better reflects our evolution. We will also enhance the experiences created across all platforms, from our offline presence to website, apps, and social platforms.

The Group’s new brand positioning around ‘Guidance’ brings together all its business units. The brand tagline “We’ll see you home.” reflects different meanings of ‘home’ for stakeholders (seeker, owner, agent, developer, bank, valuer) – it could be their place of stay or their personal ambitions and goals. PropertyGuru will offer more data-led products, services, experiences, and marketing initiatives under this brand repositioning to guide consumers and partners throughout their property journeys.”

The new brand positioning echoes the Group’s mission to help property seekers, sellers and owners make confident property decisions. Based on a recently conducted brand performance study, 81% of Malaysians opined that PropertyGuru (brand) makes them feel confident about the decision they make in their home journey. Consumers consider PropertyGuru and iProperty as their top two brands for property in Malaysia.

Undertaking its biggest integrated regional brand campaign that starts today and runs till the end of this year, PropertyGuru unveils the Group’s new logo that is akin to a Trustmark – a symbol of trust in the property sector. The brand campaign spanning paid, earned, and owned channels, both above and below the line, targets property seekers, sellers, agents, and enterprise clients.  More details of the campaign can be found here.