Planning Bespoke Offices In KL Now A Breeze

Maiden collaboration between Guocoland and EzyOffice offers unparalleled convenience to new tenants at Menara HLX

Planning Bespoke Offices In KL Now A Breeze
(from left) EzyOffice Operation Director Dominic Khoo, EzyOffice Managing Director Kenny Teo Khai Lee, Tower REIT CEO Noorbaizura Hermeyney and Tower REIT Leasing Manager Zarina Adnan.

KUALA LUMPUR (July 12, 2022): Business owners who are keen to set up operations in the city’s Golden Triangle have yet another reason why they should consider the Menara HLX on Jalan Kia Peng.

Located at the within the Kuala Lumpur city center, the tower, formerly known as Menara HLA, now offers an exciting option for prospective tenants as Guocoland’s Tower Real Estate Investment Trust (Tower REIT), owner of the building, will be offering highly customisable office layouts through its collaboration with EzyOffice.

Called “Office Made Ezy”, this first-in-Malaysia pilot allows future tenants to be served by a comprehensive one-stop, build-to-fit workspace within Menara HLX, which offers several templates and dozens of variations for workspace units that ranges from 2,000 sqft to 13,000 sqft and more.

“The idea is that new tenants will be able to save time, reduce complexity and quickly turn around the space so they can start operating quicker, and place focus on their business and not the tedious aspects of construction and interior design,” said Noorbaizura Hermeyney, chief executive officer of Tower REIT.

All a prospective tenant needs to do is select a template on the EzyOffice platform for further customisation – and it will provide a quick estimate on costs. Packages can be as comprehensive as including office furniture, partitions, wall, floor & ceiling coverings, as well as electrical and air conditioning works.

“We are thrilled at this opportunity to work with Menara HLX as it allows us to showcase our expertise in commercial interior design and renovation service,” said Teo Khai Lee, founder and managing director for EzyOffice.

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Bespoke Offices with EzyOffice

EzyOffice is no run-of-the-mill interior designer. In its drive to raise standards in the interior design and fitout business in Malaysia, it has come up with templates to accommodate different working styles – hybrid (facilitate staff working from both home and office), compact (ideally suited for call centres), and essential (conventional office style – with director room, meeting room – functional office). These working styles have been identified as the most appealing by business owners, taking into consideration the changes brought about by the pandemic.

“EzyOffice provides value by digitising office concepts and ideas, and then presenting these in an easy to digest digital format that lists all out expertly-crafted designs, all highly bespoke,” said Teo, who emphasised that clients could save anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks by using its process, other than maximising the chances of creating the best environment for their workforce.

“We are not only a design and renovation company, as we also expanding our business in office furniture leasing and space management technology,” he said.

EzyOffice has worked with brands including multinationals and companies such as Dormakarba, Classic Chair, Kian furniture, Dellform etc.

“Normally, other building owners may have a panel of interior design firms which are shared with tenants, but this process can be very time consuming. By viewing the template customised for specific layouts and floor space, business owners can make decisions faster,” said Noorbaizura, who added that Tower REIT is considering applying the same concept to Plaza Zurich in future.

For Teo, this collaboration with Tower REIT allows it freedom to demonstrate in Menara HLX a form of future-proofed workspace concept that incorporates cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and innovative fit out solutions.

To make things even easier, Menara HLX will also host a 2,100ft2 showroom to allow prospective tenants to not merely see, but to experience 4 custom-designed templates, with each template applicable across three different layouts over four different floor plans.

“This means a total of 48 variations, excluding any additional customisation. The showroom is fitted out using the Experimental Oasis theme – a place to experiment with different work styles, design, and technology. It is a safe space for stakeholders to try various concepts, colours, and finishes until they are satisfied that their choice is the optimal one – all with zero risk,” said Teo.

Those interested in moving to Menara HLX or to experience the EzyOffice platform can go to, a website that was jointly launched by Noorbaizura and Teo at the launch of the collaboration.