New-gen Robot Waiter Is Here

Prior to the pandemic, robot waiter usage was uncommon in Malaysia. Part of that was because people had a very different perception of robot waiters

New-gen Robot Waiter Is Here
The Pudubot is waiting to serve you in Malaysian restaurants

Secure Robotics specialises in providing front-end automation solutions to the F&B, hospitality and engineering industries.

Its latest product, the PuduBot S, is part of the most complete product range on the market, which caters to F&B businesses with high ceilings, outdoor dining, as well as restaurant owners seeking light or heavy-duty robot waiters.

Robot waiters have been around for many years, but came into prominence due to labour shortages during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Malaysian F&B industry is currently short of approximately 40,000 workers (The Star, 24 August 2022), compared to pre-Covid times. This shortfall is likely to continue to grow, with low foreign labour approval rates.

Prior to the pandemic, robot waiter usage was uncommon in Malaysia. Part of that was because people had a very different perception of robot waiters, mainly revolving around a false belief that robots are staff replacements, and a lack of knowledge of these robots.

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The F&B industry has experienced many revolutions. In the early 2000’s, we saw P.O.S systems and credit cards offer better alternatives to cash registers and cash payments respectively. Over a decade later, touchscreen tablets became a new way to make orders. And just a few years ago, we have grown accustomed to widespread online ordering and delivery, plus the convenient, cashless eWallet payment systems.

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Today, robot waiters are poised to be a game-changer in the F&B industry, as it will effectively solve many labour shortage issues. Businesses will experience less staff turnover, translating into less resources spent on training new staff. Waiting staff can offer better customer service instead of tiring out on serving orders. Owners will get to reduce operating costs and enjoy more profits.

Secure Robotics’ PuduBot S is a new generation of robot waiters, proven to aid staff serve customers better. The combination of its aircraft-grade aluminium chassis and excellent suspension system offers high levels of stability. It is an extremely smart device, with an unrivalled dual LIDAR system for better navigation, multi-robot collaboration capabilities, as well as auto software updating and auto-return charging.

The PuduBot S is cleverly built and programmed to avoid obstacles and running into customers. Safety is ensured when serving hot items, with its anti-slip tray mat and suspension system designed to prevent spills. This robot waiter offers great savings in terms of delivery time, labour and operating costs, and an amazing fast charging, energy saving, high performance LFP battery. Additionally, a team of reliable experts with over 25 years of experience in the machinery automation and F&B industries offers strong 24-hour technical support, ensuring the shortest downtime possible.

The Malaysian government’s efforts in developing a National Robotics Roadmap to step up productivity, reduce the country’s reliance on foreign labour and minimise currency outflow offer substantial support to the future of robotics in the F&B industry. Moreover, Secure Robotics’ dependable robot waiters are deployed in over 24,000 outlets globally and are trusted by leading local and international brands, such as Haidilao Hot Pot, Old Town White Coffee, Bar.B.Q Plaza and more.

If you are a business owner and would like to step into the future, get in touch with us to learn more about the incredible possibilities of our products.

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