Luno Launches ‘Move with Luno’ Campaign With National Athletes

‘Move with Luno’ aims to inspire Malaysians to progress in their personal finance journeys to reach financial fitness

Luno Launches ‘Move with Luno’ Campaign With National Athletes
Aaron Tang, Country Manager, Luno Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 28 June 2022: Luno, a leading regulated digital asset exchange in Malaysia, has launched its latest campaign to inspire Malaysians to progress in their personal finance journeys to reach financial fitness. ‘Move with Luno’ aims to empower Malaysians to build their understanding of  digital assets and investing as part of financial literacy,  and will use education to dispel common misconceptions around cryptocurrencies.

To showcase the campaign, Luno has appointed national athletes Pandelela Rinong (Olympic Diver) and Mohamad Zaquan Adha (Professional Footballer) as brand ambassadors. The athletes will spearhead ‘Move with Luno’, sharing their personal finance journeys, and how they incorporate Luno into their investment plans.

The campaign was launched by  Yang Berhormat Dato' Indera Mohd Shahar bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance I and David Low, General Manager, APAC, Luno.

(L-R) Aaron Tang, Country Manager, Luno Malaysia; James Lanigan, Chief Operating Officer, Luno; YB Dato' Indera Mohd Shahar bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance 1; David Low, APAC General Manager, Luno; Scarlett Chai, Marketing Manager, Luno Malaysia

Commenting on the launch, David Low, APAC General Manager, Luno said: “We are incredibly proud of our ‘Move with Luno’ campaign which empowers Malaysians to improve their personal finances through improved education and understanding of digital assets. Luno is committed to supporting financial literacy in Malaysia, and the campaign builds on our heritage of providing a safe, secure and easy pathway to investment in digital assets like Bitcoin for everyday Malaysians. To date, we have over 700,000 customers in Malaysia and we are committed to continue providing more Malaysians with the resources to meet their financial goals through investing in digital assets safely and securely with Luno.”

“Interest in digital assets as an alternative or complementary investment strategy to achieve financial goals is on the rise and ‘Move with Luno’ will inspire and guide Malaysians looking to grow and preserve their wealth. This is where we come in to nurture Malaysians with the right resources to learn about digital assets”, David adds.

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Digital assets for all Malaysians

The ‘Move with Luno’ initiatives have been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for digital assets - from individuals looking to kick start their investment journey to crypto beginners looking to build their education and understanding of digital assets.

This includes various efforts such as:

  • Luno App in Bahasa Melayu - Luno has invested in localising its application to Bahasa Melayu which is now being rolled out in stages for all users.
  • Localised content - Luno will be rolling out more content resources and communications in Bahasa Melayu to support Malaysians on their crypto learning journey.
  • More digital asset options - Last week, Luno also expanded its investment options to seven approved digital assets by offering two new tokens: Chainlink (LINK) and Uniswap (UNI) on its platform. Over the past few days, Malaysians have already traded more than RM 7 million worth of these new digital assets.

Following the campaign launch, Luno will progressively roll out more educational initiatives to engage and educate more Malaysians. The campaign will run across various offline and online touch points including on-ground educational tours to promote understanding of digital assets and investing, localised Luno Academy online learning courses on cryptocurrencies, and conversation starters on financial fitness to reach out to Malaysians from different regions across Malaysia.

The Luno Inspiration

Commenting on their partnership with Luno Malaysia, Pandelela Rinong, Olympic Diver shared, “When I was a kid, I was always curious about things that I’m passionate about, and that was how I started my diving journey. Similarly to my financial wellbeing, I got to know about digital assets as an investment class through a friend and that got me curious to make the first move to learn more about it. I’m excited to be part of Luno’s campaign, and looking forward to this journey together with my fellow Malaysians.”

Mohamad Zaquan Adha, Professional Footballer said, “As a sportsman, I believe getting started in something that you’re curious or keen to learn about is an important step for your personal growth. I’ve always been interested in improving my financial fitness and learning about digital assets. I’m excited to collaborate with Luno to inspire Malaysians to make the first move and progress steadily in their financial fitness journey.”

“We hope these initiatives will raise the awareness of digital assets and the campaign will be a driving force in improving the financial well-being of Malaysians”, David says.