LADA Elevates Langkawi’s Brand Identity Through Strategic Efforts

LADA promotes Langkawi through a new campaign by positioning the island as a quintessential holiday relaxation spot with Langkawi Geopark, the first UNESCO-listed geopark in focus

LADA Elevates Langkawi’s Brand Identity Through Strategic Efforts
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September 2022, Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) introduced their brand-new domestic tagline: ‘Best Wey’, an official new video of Langkawi, and announced a new edition of the Langkawi Guide Series in the recent Opening Ceremony of Matta Fair on 3 September 2022. These latest initiatives are intended to improve Langkawi’s economic development.

Best Wey’, the latest, fashionable tagline is selected to promote Langkawi as it aligns with modern times and is targeted at the younger generation.

The more dynamic and catchy tagline is hoped to appeal to the wanderlust spirit within the Gen Zs and Millennials and to entice them to visit beautiful Langkawi. As part of the bigger campaign, the new video showcases Langkawi’s captivating beauty in an energetic, fast paced, and lively manner.

The video is accompanied by an upbeat melody presenting all the unique and exciting adventures that await tourists in Langkawi.

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“LADA strives to promote Langkawi through this new campaign by positioning the island as a quintessential holiday relaxation spot by highlighting the island’s attributes such as Langkawi Geopark, the first UNESCO-listed geopark in Southeast Asia.

“The island is also enriched with a spectacular mountainous landscape, crystal clear seas and is home to plenty of beautiful, luxurious resorts.

“Aside from being a private and tranquil paradise for a rejuvenating escape, Langkawi has always been regarded as one of the finest venues for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE)” says Chief Executive Officer of LADA, Encik Nasaruddin Abdul Muttalib.

LADA's Strategic Approach

Meanwhile, the newly compiled Langkawi Guide Series consists of information such as places to find authentic and exotic food in Langkawi, Langkawi nature guide, Langkawi holiday packages, a list of Langkawi hotels, and the map of Langkawi.

The well-designed brochures utilise eye-catching graphics to share some of the majestic spots in Langkawi. These brochures can be found on the Official Langkawi Tourism Site: Naturally Langkawi, which you can view here and they will also be made available as e-brochures on LADA’s official site.

“Tourists can now access further information about Langkawi via mobile devices by scanning the QR codes in the brochures. This has proven to be useful as it attracts consumers who value convenience and innovation. We aim to ensure that Langkawi is perceived as a world class tourism destination. To achieve that, we must keep pace with digital improvements and bring ourselves beyond tech literacy to being tech-savvy,” adds Encik Nasaruddin.

In brief, when it comes to seeking the ultimate tropical escape, Langkawi wins hands down! With no shortage of picturesque islands, shimmering blue seas and breathtaking beaches, this magnificent island is one for everyone’s bucket list. To browse the latest video on Langkawi, head over to this link,