James Webb Telescope To Show Nost Distant Galaxies

Due to a gravitational lensing phenomenon, whereby galaxies closer to Earth magnify the light from objects behind them, these extremely far-off and dim galaxies are visible.

James Webb Telescope To Show Nost Distant Galaxies

With the release of the first data from the most expensive and ambitious telescope in the world, astronomers will present photos of the oldest and most distant galaxies ever seen.

The US and European space agencies, Nasa and Esa, will present the earliest results from the James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched in late December. In broadcast events on both sides of the Atlantic, they will reveal five pioneering scientific findings, including a study of the atmosphere of a planet orbiting a far-off star.

On Monday night, President Joe Biden will unveil one of the images at the White House as Nasa's powerful PR machine ramps up the anticipation. Tuesday afternoon will see the release of the others.

Although only the scientists most directly engaged have access to the photographs, NASA administrator Bill Nelson hinted that one would be "the deepest glimpse of our cosmos that has ever been taken" a few days ago.