Mr Rafizi, Oppression and Hope in Malaysia – Is This A New Karbala?

The impression is that with a change of government, the current load of problems will remain and inflation might be a lingering issue for generations to come

Mr Rafizi, Oppression and Hope in Malaysia – Is This A New Karbala?
Rafizi Ramli, Deputy Leader - Parti Keadilan Rakyat - Photo: YouTube

By Sharifah Azzahra, Certified Risk Advisory, Selangor

Most of the people I’ve know has told me that this year’s independent is more meaningful because we managed to lock in the most corrupted person in Malaysia. However, is that enough?

It is interesting to note that based on Rafizi Ramli's speach during an 'Ayuh Malaysia' event at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre on August 30, 2022, who mentioned that corruption is already a norm in this nation, hence fighting corruption is never enough for a change. Nevertheless, even if we change the government the main expected changes are hard to be done due to the corrupted legacy that has been brought forward.

Wages will remain low; debt will remain high. As a citizen I wonder does this means that inflation will be even higher? Is there any way to curb inflation?

Petronas: Social Impact Investment Report
The company says the investments are aimed at creating positive alliances with the communities where the company operates by protecting the environment and adding value to the well-being of employees, partners and communities.

Reemphasizing on my response to Tengku Zafrul that GDP is not an accurate measure of development and welfare, and inflation should be made know to public in a layman term, what I get from Encik Rafizi’s speech is that everything else will somewhat remain if there is change. According to the World Bank, between 2012 and 2021, prices increased by 16.4%, demonstrating that the value of RM1,000 in 2012 has changed to approximately RM1,163.66 in 2022. As time goes on, it will be impossible to narrow it down.

In addition, we are currently facing bigger problems in our education sector while our PTPTN is having cash flow problems and servicing problems. Given the increase in interest rate this will not make things any better.

The future

Investing in digital education is critical for our students. Despite massive investments in the education sector, we must admit that progress has been slow. Students have mixed preferences for learning modalities, according to a survey conducted by Student Voice Matters with Project ID, but most say engaging classes and consistent structure are priorities.

“53% of respondents indicated that they prefer fully physical classes. Despite returning to schools, many students (47%) continue to express that they want some element of digital/online learning in their curriculum. And ideal learning experience is where lectures give student a clear goal in each class to make sure that they do not feel lost in search of meaning to attend a class, and provide the student with homework just enough for them to finish and not too much for them to feel bored and likely to drop the work. Plus, let the student use the internet as a way to find information for the topic that they learned, or provide a simple basic phone to use in each class”.

Jangan Terburu-Buru Laksanakan Generasi Penamat Tembakau
Menurut wakil Pusat Pilihan Pengguna Malaysia, Tarmizi Anuwar, perlaksanaan Generasi Penamat Tembakau adalah satu tindakan yang terburu-buru dan seharusnya mengambil kira pelbagai sudut bagi memastikan ia adalah satu usaha yang akan berjaya dengan cemerlang.

It is key to understand that we do have critical problems in our education system. Many have written about the quality of graduates that we produce. The high preference of overseas graduates as compared to local graduates and the mismatch in what courses are offered in local universities and what is required within the marketplace, making local graduates less valued in the industry although they might possess better quality traits. On top of the software and digitalization approach, we need to change our mindset.

After all our foreign graduate’s ministers are the one that corrupted this country.

Moving forward

Based on the above presented we can expect a continuation of this systemic problem to grow regardless of a change in government. This is due to the legacy of structural economic problem which was rooted from leaders whom lack of leadership quality, such as honesty, planning and competency. I am in a view that, we need to create a culture that locals are better on at least at par with the overseas graduates. They deserve a better platform as they are going through all the hardship and irrelevance in the local education system to survive.


  • Emphasize on human capital building and reform
  • It is not impossible to educated current youngsters to live in the debt and gradually living out of debt
  • Introduce maximum wage not just minimum wage
  • Reduce our culture of looking up to the west and be more focus on national building, highlights more on our local leaders with only local educational background to create awareness on hope an aim to excellence locally

How is it possible to create a national building, national reform if all your leaders are educated in the west?

The quality of our leaders are the most the important value that we have to groom and care and that should come from our blood, sweat and soil.

  • Study on the reform that has been made by other countries such as Iran and India

PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli wishes politicians in the country would push their policy ideas forward rather than rely on their personalities to stay in power. In my view personalities is more important than policy ideas but the right and independent personalities is what the nation is looking for. For future Malaysia, I am here, in syaa Allah.

Under such circumstances, following Imam Hussein’s teachings on freedom, fighting oppression and protecting human dignity and honour can lead human to true freedom from local dictatorship and foreign occupation. One of the other lessons of the Karbala uprising is that one must know one’s enemy correctly in order to find the right way to counter him. Imam Hussein’s statements and letters show that he knew his enemy and his followers well and was fully aware of their nefarious intentions. For this reason, the Imam’s movement was not a blind rebellion that ended with his martyrdom. It was an eternal movement that affected all generations to come.”

True definition of independent.