Grab Backs Vision To Out-serve Malaysians Through Digital Access

Grab Malaysia encouraged by the 2023 National Budget with its vision to out-serve Malaysians through digital access

Grab Backs Vision To Out-serve Malaysians Through Digital Access

By Rashid Shukor - Director, Country Operations and Mobility, Grab Malaysia

In this challenging but exciting journey towards digitalisation, we believe that everyone in Malaysia has a part to play, to support one another regardless of background, ability, affiliation or industry. Therefore, we are encouraged by the 2023 National Budget that centres on supporting the people of Malaysia, namely small businesses, gig workers and persons with disabilities.

At Grab Malaysia, we hope to continue our part to serve everyday entrepreneurs in our community and  empower Malaysians through our ecosystem.

So far, we have taken small steps to serve and protect the livelihoods of our broader community and everyday entrepreneurs. For instance, we have empowered mom-and-pop stores, wet markets and marginalised communities, such as PWDs, with the tools to participate in the digital economy.

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The emphasis of the budget is mostly on promoting spending through various cash assistance programs in the midst of inflationary environment when it is obvious that increasing the money supply will further increase the price of goods in the future.

We continue to introduce efforts to protect the welfare and lower the operating cost for our driver and delivery-partners through our GrabBenefits programme. We have also supported efforts to drive adoption of digital payments through ReDI and SMO.

But we know that there is a long road ahead to digitalisation and economic recovery for Malaysia. Hence efforts such as the MyPSV initiative, travel subsidy for PWDs and financial support for businesses and the everyday microentrepreneur are welcomed steps.

As a homegrown company, we remain committed to working alongside the government, like-minded industry partners, and our community to help steer the nation towards a stronger, more resilient Malaysia.