GoCar Partners Green EV Charge For Easier Accessibility To EV Charging

Based on data collected to date, of the 1,000 GoEV users who have clocked an excess of 500,000 km, 90 percent were first-time EV users.

GoCar Partners Green EV Charge For Easier Accessibility To EV Charging

Petaling Jaya, 9 August 2022GoCar Malaysia, a leading on-demand mobility-as-a-service platform, today announced a collaboration with Green EV Charge – a joint venture company between Yinson Green Technologies and GreenTech Malaysia Alliances.

The goal of the collaboration is to enhance EV charging convenience across the country by integrating the chargEV mobile platform with GoCar’s mobile app.

The partnership will enable GoCar members and other EV users to gain easier access and better connectivity to all chargEV stations directly from the GoCar app without having to switch platforms. chargEV is Malaysia’s largest EV charging network comprising more than 400 charging stations nationwide.

The first phase of integration will allow GoCar app users to view locations, availability and the types of chargers on the chargEV network.

Future capabilities in the next phase of integration include pre-booking an EV charger, scheduling a recharge, making payments and monitoring the charging progress.

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GoCar expanding EV accessibility

This collaboration with Green EV Charge is the latest in GoCar’s ongoing efforts to expand the accessibility of EV experiences to more Malaysians. The company recently teamed up with EV Connection to provide users of the GoCar app access to more EV charging stations on the JomCharge network.

The company has also expanded its GoEV sharing and subscription line-up, which now includes the Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona E-Max and E-Lite. It is targeting an increase to more than 100 EVs in its fleet by the end of 2022.

Through GoEV, GoCar members can experience driving an EV for an hour, a day or a month and even from one to three years. Based on data collected to date, of the 1,000 GoEV users who have clocked an excess of 500,000 km, 90 percent were first-time EV users.

“We are excited about this partnership with Green EV Charge. Enhancing connectivity to chargEV will help improve the user experience of EV charging throughout Malaysia. We are proud to champion a smarter, greener way of commuting. GoEV has seen great success in making EVs affordable and accessible to the general public,” sats Wong Hoe Mun, CEO, GoCar Malaysia.

“The integration with JomCharge and now chargEV will offer even more accessibility. Through our GoCar mobile app, any EV user, not just GoCar members will be able to seamlessly connect to both networks for their EV charging needs,” he adds.

Expanding infrastructure

Yinson GreenTech Senior Vice President Electromobility, Ruslin Tamsir says, “We believe that chargEV’s new back-end system and mobile app, together with our rapidly expanding charging infrastructure network will be able to support the growth of GOCAR’s network and user base. Working together, we believe we can position EVs an attractive and sustainable transport option in Malaysia.”

Progress has been made to upgrade and modernise chargEV’s network, services and back-end system in line with the mission to accelerate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure in Malaysia.

Customers can view the location, availability and type of connector details of chargers as well as obtain directions in real-time. The company has improved its customer service experience and quick access to the support hotlines via the chargEV mobile app.

The app now offers greater flexibility with both subscription and pay per use options to cater to the user's charging needs and allow greater accessibility for all plug-in vehicles.

To sign-up for a GoCar membership and experience the quiet, clean yet powerful drive of an EV, download the GoCar mobile app here.