G3 Global, China Partners commits to the AI park

G3 Global, China Partners commits to the AI park

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 25, 2022 — G3 Global Bhd remains committed to the vision of the MoU with SenseTime Group Ltd and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd for the development of an AI Park.

The MoU, which was signed on 26 April 2019, expires today.

Managing Director of G3, Mr. Dirk Quinten, says, “G3 will continue to focus on its AI and other IT-based solutions to grow the business.

“The parties to the MoU noted that the landscape for the development of the originally anticipated AI Park has changed and that the project may have to take on a new form.”

He adds that G3 as well as SenseTime and CHEC remain keen to work together on large-scale AI & IT projects that are sustainable over the longer term.

“We have been exploring and discussing concepts that leverage on each other’s strengths and expertise, whilst considering Malaysia’s AI roadmap and strategic position at the same time.”

The Company will make the necessary announcements to Bursa Malaysia Securities as and when there are further developments on these discussions. (ACN Newswire)

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