FastJobs Is Seeing An Uptrend In The Non-executive Sector

FastJobs reports overall strong job growth in sectors such as hospitality, and food and beverage; sales, retail, and marketing; and administrative and clerical

FastJobs Is Seeing An Uptrend In The Non-executive Sector

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 JUNE 2022 - FastJobs Malaysia has observed that the non-executive labour market has boomed again since Malaysia's economy reopened in April 2022.

With the opening of the economy, the number of vacancies posted on FastJobs’ mobile app and web platform has significantly increased year on year in Sales, Retail, and Marketing; Hospitality and Food and Beverage; and Administrative and Clerical.

According to the platform's latest data, job postings across industries increased by 106.6 percent in May 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

The hospitality and food and beverage industries had the most vacancies, with a 205.3 percent increase in openings compared to last year.

Vacancies in the administrative and clerical fields increased by 84.5 percent compared to the same period last year, even exceeding the number of available jobs before the pandemic.

Comparatively, the number of sales, retail, and marketing jobs posted to the platform has increased by 64.4 percent since the same period last year.

In the same vein, the Key Statistics of Labour Force in Malaysia for April 2022 by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia, shows that the number of employed people increased by 0.5 percent (or 84.1 thousand people) from one month to the next.

April 2022 saw 15.85 million employed, compared with 15.77 million in March 2022.

FastJobs and endemic workplace

The General Manager of FastJobs Malaysia, Ms. Joelle Pang, says: "Vaccination
programmes are being implemented around the world and in Malaysia as a result of the pandemic."

This means that companies, including small and medium enterprises, are adapting to an endemic workplace that is different from what they were used to before COVID-19 hit.

“The Covid-19 has profoundly affected how people hire and find jobs in the non-executive sector. In the past, job seekers would travel to an employer's location for an interview or mass recruitment event.

“Today, job seekers can apply online. Mobile recruiting is also popular among employers, as it allows them to reach out to more job seekers while reducing costs," she says, adding that FastJobs Malaysia has over 1.5 million local job seekers registered and over 20,000 Malaysian brands on its digital platforms."

Malaysia's FastJobs team continues to work with industry leaders across key economic sectors while launching new recruitment innovations such as e-FastRecruit.

It assists employers with their mass virtual hiring efforts within a short period, and FastGig. In turn, this allows gig workers to choose jobs that fit their schedules and skills based on their preferred locations, companies, or scopes of work.