Da Vinci Medical Is The First PicoSure Pro in Malaysia

Da Vinci Medical Is The First PicoSure Pro in Malaysia

Da Vinci Medical has Launched 1st PicoSure Pro in Malaysia at Arte Mont Kiara. The World’s First and Only 755nm FDA-cleared Laser for Treatment of Melasma Pigment.

Timothy Ngo, Country Manager, Southeast Asia & South Asia of Cynosure announced Davinci Medical are the 1st Picosure Pro in Malaysia and the only 1 launching picosure pro product in Malaysia.

“We always strive to offer the most cutting-edge, advanced treatments to our patients. During this 2 year pandemic, we keep studying new products, new protocols and leading the medical aesthetic trend to improve ourselves” said Dr Tristan Tan, Founder and Medical Director of Da Vinci Medical. “I found that nowadays the medical aesthetics market is a need,” says Dr Tristan.

Da Vinci Medical

Da Vinci Medical unveiled this industry-leading technology at an expert-led symposium focusing on “Advanced Revolutionary Technology” and the data behind the FDA-approval for the 755nm treatment wavelength.

“PicoSure Pro can perform skin revitalising treatments in as little as 10 minutes, creating unrivalled results with little to no downtime. With state-of-the-art features, the device removes unwanted pigment in all skin types, and improves overall skin tone and texture, providing patients with a brighter and more radiant complexion, those are clients’ feedback” says Dr Crystal, Aesthetic Physician of DV Majestic.

Meanwhile, Da Vinci Medical Prestige Bukit Jalil’s Aesthetic Physician, Dr Wong Yeut Sun, warned consumers about unlicensed aesthetic procedures.

“Always look for a licensed medical practitioner before doing any aesthetic lasers or procedure,” he said. Throughout the development of the medical aesthetic industry, the first appearance of the picosecond laser shocked the market. It can instantly shatter the deep melanin of the skin in a short time of one trillionth of a second and achieve the effect of treating pigmented lesions. \

“Due to its versatility, safety, comfort and other characteristics, the honeycomb picosecond has a pivotal position in the medical aesthetic industry and is favoured by medical experts and the majority of beauty-loving communities.

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