9-Foot Shark Bites Girl's Leg Off

World Wildlife Foundation says it is time to restore the balance in the oceans and in our lives because sharks are in crisis and overfishing might push them towards extinction

9-Foot Shark Bites Girl's Leg Off

In our stories on conservationism, we bring you this horror encounter of a young girl with a shark.

According to police, a TEEN girl suffered partial limb amputation after being viciously bitten by the nine-foot shark.

The violent encounter took place on Thursday in Keaton Beach, in northwest Florida, United States. Now, a warning is up in the U.S. for sharks ahead of the July 4th celebrations.

The teen girl was scalloping in water only five feet deep on Grassy Island. A family member reportedly jumped in the water and beat the shark until the juvenile was free.

Seriously injured, she was transported to a hospital in Tallahassee, underwent surgery but lost a portion of her leg. She is expected to recover fully though part of her her leg got bitten off, news reports say.

Swimmers and scallopers are advised to use caution around sharks and to stay aware.

Never swim alone, stay away from fisherman while entering the water, stay away from sandbars (where sharks prefer to cluster), stay away from big schools of fish, and keep your motions steady while swimming are some guidelines to abide by.

Shark alert

Cities along the Atlantic Ocean coast and the West Coast are seeing more shark activity as a result of various factors, including warming ocean temperatures.

They are drawn to the waterways in the vicinity by a rise of the bunker fish population but scientists warned of a mass migration of the predators.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's Megan Winton issued a great white shark notice on Wednesday in advance of the Fourth of July weekend.

Winton forewarned that the warm waters off Cape Cod in July draw big white sharks to the area.

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Restore the balance

World Wildlife Foundation says it is time to restore the balance in the oceans and in our lives.

It says, "these ancient predators capture our imaginations. But sharks and rays are in crisis, with over 1/3 of all species pushed towards extinction by overfishing.

For that matter, WWF and TRAFFIC have joined forces to stop the declines through a major global programme, but we’ll need your help to save sharks, rays, and our oceans. Read more.